Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Standings Update.. March 17th

It is that time again, after a dramatic week of hockey and a dominant performance from the Blue Jackets.  Time to see where they stand with only a small number of games remaining in the season on this fine St. Patrick's Day afternoon...

The Jackets remain in 6th place, with 3 points separating them from 7th place Nashville, and 3 points separating them from 5th place Vancouver.  Now, based on the week they had, optimism would have hoped for a better result, however, Nashville and Vancouver are both playing strong hockey, and will likely remain above the red bar by years end.  Both have 7-2-1 records in their last ten games, which is only slightly better than Columbus' 6-4-0.

But let's make it interesting.  Chicago was considered practically untouchable in the early stages of the season, remaining unquestionably in 4th only because of how well Detroit has played.  But now on a 3-6-1 slide, and a game against Columbus the coming weekend, the Jackets have a chance to really gain some ground to try and finish second in the division.  This could be huge for not only the teams optimism, but the fans as well.

Finally, the random tidbit.  St Louis has also been on a tear recently(7-3-0), and are currently making a strong bid for the post season as well.  Could this be the first time in Columbus' history not only they make the playoffs, but their entire division makes it?  It would certainly make for some interesting articles and discussion from the round tables, and one very rival filled post season in the West.

Carry the Flag (and wear green)!

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