Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Giant Killers Indeed..

There is a lot to talk about.

First off, how about our rookie sensation, Steve Mason.  Turning aside some very serious offensive efforts last night for his league leading 9th shutout has his name being shoveled once again to the top of the Calder list, and he absolutely deserves it.

Secondly, how good is our new special teams?!  A powerplay goal, along with two straight games without a PK goal against, and even getting serious chances while on the penalty kill.  Could we ask any more from our newest member Antoine Vermette?

Not only was Vermette one of the hardest skaters on the ice last night, he won very important faceoffs, and played on what I believe (and based on playing time, apparently so did Hitch) to be the number 1a line last night.  Williams, Umberger, and Vermette were playing with ridiculous chemistry, and seemed to be all over the ice.

I have a lot more to say about the game, but not quite the time this morning to express it all, so I will leave it with these few quick points to get your blood going on this fine hump day.

Carry the Flag!


  1. What a SUPERB game! To be there & feel the chemistry, both on the ice & in the stands, was wonderful.
    The team played ... yeah, incredibly well. And I'm still chuckling about Thomas trying to head-butt ...

  2. Vermette is great! Even better than I had hoped. Another huge game tomorrow against Penquins - game is sold out, we got SRO seats.