Friday, March 20, 2009

Five (and I ain't talkin' sandwich prices)

Five home games left in the regular season.


That's how many opportunities you have to get into newly dubbed Mason-wide Arena and feel the rumble of the cement under your feet as the cannon fires.

That's how many chances you have to see Stinger drop from the ceiling before the boyz take to the ice.

That's how many times you have left to say you were there at one of the games during the greatest season yet in Columbus Blue Jackets history.

That's how many games there are on home ice where we the fans can provide some crucial leverage and encouragement, not to mention bear witness to greatness.

Oh, you can't get there? You can't afford the tickets? Or the game is sold out?

Well, can you get downtown? Because right next to the Arena is R Bar. The R has wide screen televisions, a penalty box, very large beer tubes of 100 oz of beer for $16, and plenty of Blue Jackets decor. Home or even away games you are surrounded by Jackets faithful and promised a great time.

On a recent Friday night, they (the great and powerful THEY....) tried to deny us the enjoyment of the game. It was away. In Chicago. And not carried on FSO. At all. As you might recall from my earlier post, I am quite certain that there is a vast, deep, and wide conspiracy to make getting to post-regular season games (I refuse to say the P-word) as difficult as possible. I still believe this is happening. Did anyone see that dive call on Boll Wednesday night? Exactly how does one dive with the opponent's stick between his legs after being pinned down in the corner?

But I digress.

So, Once we realized our limited viewing options for this incredibly important late season game, we skipped our way merrily downtown, ate a wonderful meal at Bar Louie's, and then headed to the R' for the viewing.

The place, as you can see, was packed. We cozied up to a rail along the window and stood for the game. We Twittered away, including sending a proof of life to Aaron Portzline that the place was standing room only. And the place was rockin'. And people were knockin'. And we told them to come on in. And the boyz pulled it out with a different goalie in place and our jaws on the floor.

So come down to Mason-wide and take a chance! Come to the R' and enjoy a Stinger bomb!

Five home games left, people.


Carry the Flag.


  1. But ... but ... I'm not ready to only have 5 regular-season home games left! NOOOOOO!!!
    The R looks like the place to be - but we have the hockey package & watch from home, if we aren't at the game.
    And, yeah, let's not discuss those calls ....

  2. hahaha!! I know Nancy...neither am I!!
    Here's hoping we go beyond April 11th.