Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tough Night After the Streak Ends..

Consider tonight a lesson learned for Jackets players and fans.  This team is not unbeatable, they are not perfect, and they won't win out.  They are bound for a crazy finish, but no one can predict where it will land.

Tonight, they were the better team.  Tonight, the chances were there, but the luck was not.  Think about the opportunity Umberger had with Turco sprawled around the ice.  He picks the puck up, prepares the shot, and BAM!  Broken stick.  And such was life for them most of the game.

It seemed like the refs favoured the Stars, but that is arguable.  It seemed like no matter how wide open the chances were, the puck stayed out.. (Juice and Williams in the shootout)..  Let's be honest, the team knew what they wanted to do, but could not get it done.

I am happy though.  The Jackets remain tied for 6th place, and are still only one point out of 5th.  They lose their unbeaten streak, but gain a reminder that not all games will be a 'W' even if they are the better team.  They also are reminded that every single point has value from now on out.

Finally, I want to address Richards injured hand.  I am not going to say 'tough break' or 'karma sucks' but seriously, how random is it that the same team that took out Brassard in a freak accident, loses Richards indefinitely with a busted wrist?  Seems almost fitting.

Carry the Flag!

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