Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Negatives From Positives

It is time for me to once again bust the bubble after a huge win..

Tonight, the Jackets came out flying against the Blues (for the first time this year) and really took it to them for the first two periods.  Their play was strong and precise, and their defense was stymy and logical.  That being said, their third period made it appear as though they were doing keg stands during the second intermission.

Flat, sloppy, and foolish play was all the fans got to watch as the third commenced, and it came very close to costing them two points in the ever increasingly competitive western conference.  They allowed two powerplays to come and go without so much as a good scoring chance on net, and then gave a couple powerplays to St Louis, giving them all the momentum.

If Columbus wants to excel into the playoffs this year, they will have to take exception to this game and really learn from it.  They have had a few games lately where they get the early lead and get lazy, which has been a major shift from a lot of the come from behind victories earlier in the year.  If they want to scare teams, they need a full sixty minutes at hyper speed.

Lasty, I want to talk about Huselius..  You know what?  I'll save it for tomorrow...

Carry the Flag.

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