Sunday, February 8, 2009

LaCosta Wins in Debut.. AGAINST SAN JOSE!

It has been a head banging type of week in Columbus.  Stupid losses to St Louis and Dallas had all the fans expecting a very serious game against Pittsburgh.  Low and behold, another lame effort drove the team to do the unthinkable... Starting LaCosta against San Jose.

Now, I will be the first to admit I was not prepared for that kind of decision.  I know Dubie has struggled, and I know Mason has been in brutal shape while battling mono, but who would have though Hitch would give the least experienced goalie the nod against one of the league's strongest team?

I saw Legace clear waivers, and I read disappointment in some of the CBJ sectors of the net, but frankly, he was not the best decision.  What happened, was the coach put his confidence in DL, and the defense did the same.  The team clearly plays a strong game when they expect the goalie behind them to make the initial save and more.

Tonight has to be a turning point in the season.  They played a strong game and hung with a top team.  They did the same last week against another tremendously strong team in Detroit.   This is and should be a blatant visual effort to the team and their fans that they belong in the playoffs this year.  They are a competent team, and they play a strong, sound game (most of the time).

Be patient.  One center might be just enough to get this years Jackets into new territory.

Carry the Flag.


  1. OMG - Brian and I were in lower bowl seats last night and Nationwide Arena was completely ROCKING!!!!!
    Sold out, standing up, screaming, shouting, hooting, I am pretty sure I was crying at one point....
    Boll (one of my favorite players for a long time!) tried to get Shelley to fight at least two other times prior to eventual fight, including dropping his gloves, but the refs broke it off. I think Shelley literally said "No way - Boll. Not in Columbus," or something to that effect. I think Shelley was hesitant to jump into a fight seeing as how we do have such an affection for him. Well, that affection is not gone. He put a good hit on Nash and Boll went after him, and from that point it was on!
    Even when they finally did fight, when they were, um, "hugging it out," you could see Shelley talking to Boll. So I think there was some talking to the effect of "Okay - can we be DONE now?"
    From Boll's point of view, I think this was a long time coming. Every time we play the Sharks the question comes up..."When is former Jackets player Shelley going to get into a fight with us?" Well, that cherry has been broken and we can now move on from that question. I think Boll wanted to get it out of the way.
    And oh yeah, I think Boll wanted to wish Shelley a Happy Birthday too! ;)
    It was a great game - dare I say it - one of the BEST I have seen!!

  2. Sounds like it was a hell of an experience Anna!

    I am bitter I wasn't there!