Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Post Game Thoughts

Last night, Dan LaCosta handled everything the Avalanche could muster, recording his first career NHL shutout.  If this team had a laundry list of players they would have never expected to explode into the NHL scene this year (Brassard, Voracek, Mason, LaCosta, Methot, Russell, etc) it would clearly be turning to page two very soon.

Not only did he record the shutout, but he did it in a way that proved his worth.  The defense was alright, but was still penetrated at times, forcing Dan to make one or two key saves in a row on multiple occasions.  His rebound control definitely needs some work, but even with the rebounds he allowed, he remained in position after the fact, making sure wherever the puck went, so too did he and his positioning.

RJ Umberger was once again a physical and agile beast on the ice.  He has really taken on a role that was very similar to his great work ethic in the playoffs last year with Philadelphia.  Always first to the puck, and getting shots on or near the net when you would not expect him to.  While he has not really been awarded yet (he clearly deserved the game winner against San Jose), he has received the respect of many fans.

Modin continues to disappoint, most recently on the first powerplay of the game, when his foolishness put him in the penalty box and made it 4 on 4.  It is another statistic in a growing trend of mistakes and inability from him.  He missed the net on key opportunities in the second period, twice which allowed the puck to bank off the back boards and allow Colorado to bring the puck up the ice in a 2 or 3 on 1 opportunity.  Yes, he made a nice play to tip the point shot which put the Jackets up 3-0, but it did very little to alleviate the prior mistakes of the game.

All in all, it was a strong effort by the Jackets.  If I were Hitchcock, I would be a little worried about them not being able to score in the first period, even though they dominated the offensive zone.  Their resilience is what won them the game though, taking the must win mentality deep into the game.

Carry the Flag!


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  2. I'm officially on the LA LA LA LA LaCosta bandwagon after that performance. Hope they bring him back up. What a great game for the young goalie.