Sunday, February 22, 2009

Derek Dorsett vs. A Punching Bag

There were not very many big highlights in last nights game that favored the Blue Jackets, but one thing that certainly did was the fighting.  Jared Boll fought both Moen and Parros, arguably winning both tilts, and Derek Dorsett fought Brendan Mikkelson.

The fight I want to talk about was Dorsett's, only days after getting beaten heavily by BJ Crombeen of the St Louis Blues.  He absolutely dominated this fight, and for a time, shifted the momentum of the entire game with the huge bombs he threw.   Here is a video:

As is very clear, he absolutely controls this fight, throwing 22 punches and landing 16.  Mikkelson threw 1 punch in total.  Now, the reason why I want to focus on this fight, is because Dorsett did his job last night.  He was a terror on the ice, throwing big hits and clearly, big bombs.  He is a great addition to the Jackets, and if they can make the playoffs, he will be one of the biggest factors because of his physicality.

So next time you catch a Jackets game, cheer big for our boy Dorse the Horse.  He will play his heart out every game if you get behind him as a fan!

Carry the Flag!

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