Sunday, January 4, 2009


Welcome Jackets fans to!  We are excited to offer you our opinions on the Jackets, news, and our experiences while attending some of the Blue Jackets activities, whether it be a hockey game, a signing, or a Jackets sighting with an interesting story. 

Our bloggers will be focusing on their strengths and personal opinions on the team, which should give us an opportunity to provide you the reader with not only a diverse collection of opinions, but also a multitude of different angles on everything CBJ.

With Columbus fighting hard for a playoff spot this year, and the team really building as a group, It is the best time to really consider what they can do to boost themselves into the next level of hockey, and really make a statement in their first ever playoff series.

So put away the Jackets notebook, toss aside the stats sheets, and get ready to get involved in a ‘for the fans, by the fans’ experience!

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