Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Could Trades be Slipping Through Columbus' Hands?

It seems like the longer the Jackets wait this year, the more pessimistic speculators are becoming.  Leave it to the Blue Jackets to pave the way for a new style of media attention, where rather than trade talks building, they have actually begun to decline!

I personally think the trade is inevitable, and I do not think it will take a trade deadline to make something happen.  There are a couple things that will have an effect on it;

First off, the Jackets were given the go ahead to spend more money, and the fans know it!  While we, the fan base, have been mildly patient with the Jackets and their decision to delay spending to the cap until the team started to succeed, their clear efforts in remaining in the playoff hunt at mid season gives everyone reason to expect more.  Not to mention the management has openly given the green flag for more spending, if it does not happen, I expect to see an even bigger decline in fan purchasing, mainly in ticket sales.

Secondly, teams are getting desperate, and the Jackets are not one of them.  With an entire top line out with injuries right now, the Jackets have proven their confidence towards core players and some young call-ups from Syracuse like Mayorov, Dorsett, Russell, and hopefully Filatov.  This leads me to believe that they are willing to stall these trades as long as necessary to get the deal they want, at the price they want to pay, which would likely be draft picks.

I am not the kind of guy to get anxious about a team, and interestingly enough, I have already been anxious, begged for a trade, and been disappointed, but who wouldn't?  This team has plowed through adversity with the injuries, embraced a young goaltender, and watched as their Calder favourite fell to a season ending injury...

...but patience is what is going to carry this flag into the post season.

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