Thursday, January 8, 2009

Leclaire Back on Injured Reserve

Carry the Flag would like to welcome Pascal Leclaire back to the injured reserve!  His nagging ankle once again proved too much for him to handle today, and the Jackets have placed him for the fourth time on the IR because of it.

Dan LaCosta will be the emergency recall from Syracuse, who will likely backup Steve Mason from now until forever.  This does not bode well for the team, considering Mason has not had a break in quite some time, although that may give him yet another strong opportunity to fight for rookie of the month in January.

To make things worse, Huselius spent only twenty minutes on the ice at practice, without participating in any of the physical drills.  Captain Nash probably will not see any time until next week, in what I am suspecting is precaution by Hitchcock, who is running horribly short on scoring forwards, and will have to rely on young guys like Voracek and Filatov to make their mark on the NHL early in their careers.

I hope to get a better update on Nash and Huselius within the next day.  Seems a shame that the entire Jackets nation just watched Leclaire's trade value plummet.

Carry the Flag.

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  1. While this stinks, it's not surprising and actually good news (I feel) from the standpoint that his ankle is likely the cause of his sub-par play this season and not an overall deterioration of skills. Let's hope Leclaire can rest his ankle and get back to his level of play from last year. As far as the all the injuries, not much the CBJ can do right now, aside from "tread water" as Hitch said after the Detroit game. Hopefully, they can stay in striking distance of the playoffs. Juice, Nash, Torres and Chimmer should all be back next week or the week after. Things will look a heck of a lot better then.