Monday, October 31, 2011

CBJ Roster Review 10/31

In this (hopefully) weekly review, I am going to provide the entire roster and make some comments regarding their efforts, either overall for the year, or in the past week.  If roster rankings work out in the near future, I may include them as well, in a sort of depth chart quality meter.  Bear in mind there will more than likely be some honesty, some overreacting, and plenty of 'snark' (as a few of my twitter buddies would call it).  So let's begin:

Bass :: Well done for him to take Getzlaf out of the game for 5+ minutes last night.. Too bad all he really did was hug the guy for a minute or so..

Boll :: In the bandaid club. Still not convinced that him being healthy makes a difference as to whether he rides out the year in the press box (for the most part) thanks to the depth of this club.

Brassard :: Brassard continues to make his presence relevant in the Jackets top six and when Carter gets healthy, could make Arniel really fumble over who should man the top two center spots.

Calvert :: He's been decent, but not much to say in terms of a weekly review.  I am happy to see his return to Columbus, but I miss the crazy speed and tenacity we saw at the end of last year.

Carter :: In the bandaid club.  I have to think his time there is limited now, and I really expect him to make a strong impact upon his return, especially with Nash and Prospal.

Clitsome :: (and I repeat...) Awesome names don't hide well behind terrible defensive errors. With a healthy Methot/Martinek, maybe his slide down the defensive depth chart will find him in a slot less overwhelming.

Dekanich :: In the bandaid club. Sounds like he's getting close though, so the Jackets can finally have a legit backup to rely on beyond their 4th string and a junior player.

Dorsett :: Gotta love him trying to deke out Ellis last night, although he had the shelf wide open.  I have a feeling he won't be getting a Christmas card from Brookbank.

Giroux :: He's a top six forward... If you're watching one on video review at about 75% speed.  I like his tenacity but it just doesn't translate well to the pace of the NHL.

Huselius :: President of the bandaid club. I wonder if when he actually does come back, how out of place he'll look. Then again, maybe he'll find some great chemistry and go on a tear. (wishful thinking)

Johansen :: Two goals, two game winners. I think it's pretty safe to say he has earned the right to stick around.  Juniors has nothing left to teach this kid.

Johnson :: I don't think there's enough snark in this world for me to describe how underwhelmed I am by Johnson. Slow on the puck and his decision making. Demotion coming soon, I surely hope.

MacKenzie :: It exhausts me that he's getting top line minutes, although watching him fly by Nash on a forecheck was pretty comical.. Maybe he's helping to light a fire where it so badly needs to be lit.

Martinek :: In the bandaid club.

Mason :: I think the term "steal a game" was taken to heart. Absolutely money against Detroit and Anaheim.  Welcome back Mase.

Methot :: In the bandaid club.. but for good reason. Hope he recovers quickly.

Nash :: Last night may have been his most relevant game of the year.  I'll say it 100 times, when Nash wants to or feels like succeeding on the ice, it is nothing short of spectacular to watch.

Pahlsson :: Reasonably solid without the puck, but certainly suspect with it. Making a strong case as Columbus' 4th line center.

Prospal :: Dude is a fireball. I have a feeling when management brought in Clark and Moreau, they were hoping for even half the veteran presence Vinny P has had. This team seems to feed off him.

Russell :: His defensive partner isn't doing him any favours, but I'm still up on this guy.  Loved the Cogliano fight, and he didn't even look out of place.  That said, I would like to see his decision making with the puck speed up a bit.

Tyutin :: Glad I waited to judge this guy. HUGELY positive results now that Wiz is back in the lineup.  Physical off the puck, solid defensively, and slowly starting to lower his point shot.  Love what he is doing right now.

Umberger :: Scored his first goal this week but I am still pretty underwhelmed.  I think he's got a lot more to offer than what we're seeing, and I have a feeling it might take him being on the third line to see it.

Vermette :: Has been better, but has also watched as Brassard vaulted him in terms of relevance.  Still strong on the draws, but his speedy creative play has definitely been missed, and the blind, overly creative passes are getting tired.

Wisniewski :: Huge.  Beneficial in both on ice optimism and confidence. When Wiz has the puck, success in terms of offense seems to be highly likely.  More to come on this I am sure.

Toronto and Philadelphia are on the schedule this week, which should make for a couple of unique battles for the Blue Jackets. I was tremendously pleased with the number of people who attended Sunday's game against Anaheim and I will be back in attendance Thursday against Toronto!  Here's hoping the optimism and heart we saw on ice for the Jackets yesterday will carry over.

Carry the Flag!


  1. Well done! Hard to argue any of your points. Maybe you should a misc. roster spot.

    Portzline :: Another attempt to backhand the organization with a crap rumor on Sunday. This guy needs to go away!

  2. hah! Thanks for the laugh anon. Gotta wonder what the driving force behind that post was, along with his retort this morning. I find that the more I read it, the more it makes me laugh.