Friday, December 4, 2009

Time for Some Retribution...

Over the last few games, maybe even the last month, the Jackets have shown a major lack in desire when playing. A year ago, there were very few nights when our players opted to 'take the game off' and coast throughout. In fact, the one endearing quality of the Jackets roster last year was that yes, while the talent still needed to develop, at least the level of effort was consistent.

This year, it has been a far cry from consistent from the collective. Mason has tried (and failed) to bail out the team on many occasions, just to be left to dry on account of miserable turnovers and blown assignments for many open net goals. While his play has not been stellar, it is hard to build confidence to a giant thorn in his side.

Yes, it is time for the Jackets to receive a wake up call from someone or some thing other than a brutal loss. With eight losses in the books allowing more than five goals, it is pretty clear that something has to give in order to remain competitive this year. Something has to change to generate the drive necessary to compete in the NHL, and I think I know what that something is.

Saturday, adam fo*te (note: capitalization and full last name removed for hatred purposes) will FINALLY make his return debut to Nationwide Arena. Finally, the Jackets fans can have their revenge on a captain who was not. Finally, the Jackets can hurt him where it counts. If ever a game could generate the rowdiness and hate needed to put a fire in the Jackets players, I think the crowd will be a force all on its' own Saturday.

I will once again be in attendance. I could not pass up the opportunity to see this game in person. I will be booing a player for the first time in my life, and it will be with a lot of other first timers, if I had to guess. It is not so much that I think booing is a reasonable or unreasonable thing to do, I just have never felt such a need to let a player know how much he has affected this team, and the teams fans.

My final tag line has always been "Carry the Flag". I put it there to remind myself why I put the time in to share my thoughts. I add it to every entry because it defines our roles as ambassadors of this team, and it reminds me what I can be thankful for. Maybe it is time the Jackets players started considering their slogan shortly before they hit the ice. Maybe it is time Hitch took the time to remind them.

Carry the Flag!

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