Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Streak Ends!

At long last, I can finally return to discussing the Jackets action. After a day full of change, including the Chimera trade, along with not only a win, but an overtime win nonetheless against a division rival, I can finally return thanks to even the slimmest touch of optimism available.

As we all have our traditions and bouts of superstitions, my most recent decision to hold off on my critiquing was solely focused on a lack of interest in hounding this team. With any losing streak, the hardest thing to do is provide positive and reasonable commentary, and unfortunately, that was not the direction this blog was headed. That being said, I am confident we have hit our low point of the year, and I am getting more and more confident that a coaching change will be on the horizon.

While some players still appear to be struggling around the puck, the one wearing the biggest burden (Steve Mason) had probably his best game of the year, returning to a form that won him the Calder trophy not a season ago. He played so well, I felt the banner may as well be of him, considering yet again, he has found a way to bring a 'W' to Columbus.

I am excited to bring to you a state of the team post tomorrow, along with my thoughts on the trade to bring a defender and some much needed leadership to the team. For now, let me share with you my excitement for a victory, and my optimism for the coming weeks, even though they will be rocky.

Thank you Steve Mason.
Good bye Chimmer.
Go Jackets.

Carry the Flag!

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