Friday, December 4, 2009

Game Recap: TOR vs. CBJ 12/3

There are only so many times a team can conjure a loss of this nature before people start to suggest the word 'trend' when looking back at the season. Tonight, once again, the Jackets played at a lackluster level and allowed the Maple Leafs to walk around them and net six goals.

To start, let me note a few things. I was in attendance, sharing the experience with my father and quite a few of his friends (Jackets and Leafs fans). I would like to give the Leafs fans credit for keeping their tongue and cheek comments to a minimum, although while I write this I am forced to chuckle and be reminded about the comment shared to me from "Brocky". In the end, I was not as disappointed as I should have been, and I blame the consistency in which games like this are happening.

Here is a list of games I think should have never happened:

Oct 8th - Loss 3-6
Oct 20th - Loss 3-6
Oct 22th - Loss 4-6
Oct 25th - Loss 2-6
Nov 11th - Loss 1-9
Nov 23rd - Loss 4-7
Nov 24th - Loss 3-5
Dec 3rd - Loss 3-6

Of their ten losses this year, eight of them have been because they have allowed five goals or more. This could be the fault of many factors, but I am not really listing this to point fingers. I am listing this because I am trying to find reasons why losing these games does not stress me out. Frankly, by the time the game reached 4-1, I was so beyond the score, I started actually enjoying myself again.

There is no question that Columbus needs to recollect themselves this year. They can not hide behind a +500 record any longer, seeing that their record is quickly becoming one of the weakest in the Central Division. With the indifference shown in each game by players who are well known for their determination and tenacity on the ice being well beyond evident, some form of accountability must be acquired before these games stop occurring.

Apparently I am a glutton for punishment, considering I will be heading back for the Saturday game against Colorado. Here is hoping they never put Commodore and Roy on the powerplay together then..

Carry the Flag!

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