Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Get Rolling Again...

I've been caught up trying to create/generate awesomely professional and over the top ideas for the blog, but I think I am going to take a less conservative approach for the remainder of the year to try and get some more activity for those who actually take the time to stop in and read.

The Jackets are now sitting on a somewhat awkward 15-10-1 record.  While they had a pretty solid stretch of games where winning was a logical outcome, they have ebbed away from that feeling and now generate a more desperate feeling of disaster every time they step on the ice.  I am fully confident in saying they are a complete team when they play to their potential, and can easily blow out half of the league on a nightly basis.  My biggest concern right now, is why they don't come out and play with a sense of urgency.

If not for the fact that Howson has been incredibly patient with the team, allowing them to grow into their roles and build chemistry with their teammates, for the fact that they have been one of the league's biggest underachievers for almost half of a decade now.  I can say, I'll never not be a Jackets fan.  I've vested 10 years in the franchise and am in no hurry to jump ship, but I will say my need to drive from Cincinnati to Columbus to go to a game has substantially diminished.

I had all but purchased tickets to the Pittsburgh game, doing just about anything I could to get in the door.  Myself and a couple friends were prepared to stand in the cold for multiple hours to get Huntington tickets, but ended up backing out at the last minute because it just felt like I was not meant to go to the game.  Sure enough, I sat at home, pizza and beer in hand, watching my team flat foot a 7-2 loss to Pittsburgh.  If that wasn't a good reason to not spend the 100 bucks to attend a game live, I don't know what is...

More on team effort soon.  Carry the Flag.

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  1. I do wish the faith we all have in them to perform, 99% of the time, felt more justified - but, it does all *feel* better than this time last year - better coach with far less 'prejudices', more team cohesion - now, to just be consistent... and to get rid of the "3rd jerseys" ...!
    I'm glad we didn't go to the P game either - having heard there were people with P jerseys on, riding the zamboni ... well, I'd have been over the glass ... lol
    Like you, I'll never not be a CBJ fan.