Friday, December 17, 2010

Game Recap: Columbus @ Edmonton

As most of you may very well be aware, Columbus lost a real stinker to the Oilers last night, 6-3.  It wrapped up a three game Western swing with 2 of the possible 6 points, and drove the losing streak to three games.  It also may be the turning point of the Mason v. Garon battle for number one, although the discussion with Arniel post game tells an interesting tale.

First, on Mason;  The kid got lit up last night.  There is no way to beat around that bush.  From the moment the game began it seemed like he was climbing a hill without any solid ground.  A tough break on the Omark goal (albeit a nice move by the young forward), over committing on the Eberle goal, and helpless on the Penner goal, the first period couldn't go by faster.  Lackluster play in the second period sealed the deal, and Garon came in to replace him in the third.  Now, here is essentially Arniel's take from the post game.  The kid is in his own head, and he needs to dig his way out of it.  He is a young goaltender, and they will do what they can to get him out of it.

I support that statement, but I also want to point some fingers at the defense.  12 turnovers were committed in this game, including at least two in the second period that lead directly to goals.  Omark burned two defenders to get to Mason on the first goal, Eberle walked around Klesla on the second goal, and Penner was uncontested on the third goal, a pass from behind the net into the slot.  If the Jackets want Mason to play better, it is also going to be on the defense to play better positional hockey.  Blown assignments and soft defense allowed the Oilers to attack Mason, and his shaky demeanor opened the door for a beating.

Second, on the forwards.  They played alright.  Credit Huselius' linemates for his three goals, although his positioning was very strong, and something Arniel should share with the rest of the team.  In fact, if the entire team took a page out of Juice's book from last night, we'd be scoring 5-6 shovel home goals a night.  They certainly had their chances, and fired a great number of shots on Khabibulin, who played fairly well.  With that said, in the post game Brassard acknowledged that the team missed on some great opportunities that could have changed the outcome of the game.

Lots to be resolved in the Jackets locker room.

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