Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Games Left

Familiarity was thrown out the window quite a few weeks ago.  What is left, at least from the outside looking in, is instability, and uneasiness.

The Jackets found themselves on the wrong end of the overtime column against the Blackhawks Saturday, marking their 4th overtime/shootout loss in the last seven games.  Rather uncharacteristic for a team that lost only six games after regulation throughout the rest of the season, and it is certainly making me wonder if they are beginning to question their abilities on the ice.

Steve Mason was stellar again, but a lack of Jackets offense caused the game to go into the extra frame, which proved to be too much for the Jackets.  A breakaway goal by Versteeg was enough to get me angry at the Jackets and really only see the negative in that game.  For a team that prides themselves on the defensive aspects of the game, they have been turning the puck over and coughing up odd man rushes more than I think Hitch can even comprehend.

I do not think they need more than one more victory to make the playoffs, but realistically, do the Jackets really want to flop into the playoffs with a losing streak, and face one of the strongest opponents in their first playoff series?  Do they want to throw away all their hard work to get into 6th place and finish just barely in?

I am often asking more of the Jackets than most would, but I think having the expectation of a playoff caliber team playing the next three games is quite reasonable.  How are you Jackets fans dealing with the overtime madness?

Carry the Flag!


  1. Well, first off - did you like how the linesman looked at the game clock before giving us 2 2-minute penalties, which just happened to carry over into the o/t?? I'm frustrated with the Jackets & their inconsistent play, but I'm beyond angry with the officials who continue to punish us at a whim.
    I just don't understand how the guys can beat the snow out of San Jose, Calgary, Detroit ... then not beat Nashville, Chicago ... My neck hurts from all of my head shaking!

  2. I really think this team is still figuring it out, like Hitch said in his post game comments. Some of the guys have been through this stretch before but not all of them. The lack of intensity at times is concerning. I think the recent struggles can be attributed to a few things: 1) No Dorsett in the lineup. I know he's limited offensively but he truly "brings it" on every shift and his energy is HUGE, 2) Backman in the lineup instead of Klesla. Rusty was playing well, very aggressive hockey(even fighting many times) before he got hurt again - hopefully he'll be back soon> Backman is just ugh... 3) Other teams turning up their games and Jackets slow to respond. Wins in Chicago and St. Louis would go a LONG way to making everyone feel better about postseason chances.

  3. I'm glad you've both been able to find certain things that remind me of... Frankly, there are times when I forget that these guys won't play and can't play at 100% every night, even if they wanted to.

  4. Brian, I totally agree about Dorsett & Backman .. now, why isn't Hitch agreeing with us? lol

    And, yes, they can't play at 100% every night. No one can & hopefully, the fire will be relit & they'll storm through the last 3 games.