Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game One Tonight!

Personally as a Jackets fan, I have been waiting for a good hockey game for quite some time now, and unfortunately after the win against Chicago, that effort seemed far from sight.

But the playoff Jackets are going to be different.  I have my expectations, and my assumptions, and right now, I assume they will take this series very seriously, if not for the fans, for the competition.

We all know Detroit is one of the best teams in the league, but we also know the Jackets come to play with talented teams match up against them.  With their defensive style and possession game, Columbus could stand to stymy a very potent Wings offense.

Some quick notes about the game...  Huselius and Modin have both been cleared to play.  Steve Mason will obviously be getting the start for Columbus.  Also, Derick Brassard was not cleared by doctors yesterday, which is both unfortunate and good in a way.

Lines are...

Huselius - Malhotra - Nash
Umberger - Vermette - Voracek
Modin - Peca - Chimera
Torres - Williams - Boll

Frankly, I think the fourth line should get more minutes than the third line, and I certainly hope they are running a 1a and 1b rather than a line 1 and a line 2.  Realistically, taking Nash off line 1 and replacing him with someone like Modin immediately drops the quality of the line to that of a third line in today's NHL.  I certainly hope Hitch keeps that in mind..

Carry the Flag!

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