Sunday, February 27, 2011

CBJ Playoff Push - 2/25 Update

Considering I have spent a substantial amount of time hovering around the league standings are games finish each night, I thought it might be of good worth to update everyone who reads (or I suppose anyone who reads) the blog.

Here are the Western Conference standings with the 2/25 games included;

Here are the CBJ playoff push relevant games played today;

Kings defeat Avalanche 4-3: The win for Los Angeles pulls them 6 points ahead of the Jackets, but Columbus does have two games on them.  Ideally, with the Avalanche nine points back on Columbus, the win would have been far better going the other way.

Stars defeat Predators 3-2: This is one of those games where Columbus would have benefited by somehow a 0 point game could have been awarded.  Dallas and Nashville were both sitting at 70 points, 2 ahead of the Jackets before this game began, which essentially meant that as long as the game did not go to overtime or a shootout, it would be a good result for the CBJ push.

RedWings defeat Sabres 3-2(SO): Color me bold and overexcited, but I am going to leave all teams, top teams included in this review.  Unfortunately, Buffalo could not take advantage of a 2-0 lead, losing to the Red Wings in a shootout.  Detroit now 14 points ahead of the CBJ, all will likely make it impossible to eclipse them this year.

Bruins defeat Canucks 3-1: I'll be even more brief about this one...  At 87 points, the Canucks would have to have a monumental collapse if they were to ever compete with the Jackets in the standings this year.  That said, we may have had a nice preview of the cup finals in this game.

Relevant games Sunday are as follows (with bold being best option for the win);

Blue Jackets vs. Predators
Coyotes vs. Blackhawks
Blues vs. Flames
Avalanche vs. Ducks

Carry the Flag!!

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