Monday, July 6, 2009

Methot to Arbitration

Columbus defensemen Marc Methot has filed for salary arbitration, as reported by multiple sources over the last day.  This is a very normal trend for unsigned RFAs and typically those who file for arbitration are able to reach an agreement with their team long before the date of their arbitration hearing.

Columbus fans should be confident that his number will not be that substantial, considering his role on the team last year.  Not only was he benched at times for arguably better players, he rarely moved past the position of 5/6 defender.

I can hardly anticipate this will be any sort of cut throat negotiations between the team and Methot, and I definitely think this will get done before the hearing.

Carry the Flag!

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  1. At this point, unless a trade is going to be made, I think the Jackets should make a run at Sergei Zubov. I think he is the best power play defenseman left out there. This would allow the Jackets to use Methot as the 7th defensemen which is ultimately what he is on a good team.